First two wild card spots claimed – The International 2016


Today, the first 2 teams “EHOME” and “Escape Gaming” have snapped up the two Wild card spots for TI6

“EHOME” qualified first for the Wildcard spot by easily beating Escape Gaming 2-0, both games slightly under the 50 min mark. This lead to Escape Gaming having to battle out the second qualifier spot against “Execration”. Even though Escape gaming too beat Execration 2-0, having a game lasting a mere 20min, this by no means translates to Execration being under qualified, showing by their amazing 2-0 performance against compLexity.

The remaining 2 spots in the “Wild card” catergorie will originate from the Americas Qualifiers and the Southeast Asian Qualifier. More than half the spots have been filled in total, can’t wait until TI6 starts to see the best Dota 2 action there will be this year.