Five and AG.White – PGL KeSPA Minor China Qualifier – Tips, Odds and Preview

China Qualifier

FIVE and Ag.White are matched up against each other in the PGL KeSPA Minor China Qualifier to be held on the 10th of April 2016 at 10:00 CET.



  • Five’s roster – Five lineup
  • This is a newly formed roster and the team are amongst the tier two Chinese teams right now.
  • Their performance can only be judged from their qualifier matches so far.
  • The Lower bracket of Asia Minor – Asian Minor Lower Brackets
  • As we can see, they had an impressive and decisive victory over LGD.Gaming in the elimination match.

Ag White

  • AG.White Roster – AG.white lineup
  • AG.white have not had the best of results.
  • In this tournament, they had a few wins over EDG and New4. Their win over New4 should not be taken into much consideration. But their win against EDG is somewhat impressive considering the experience that EDG carries
  • In the end, it seems they are not in as good a form as Five are currently. This is a close match and the final bet will be risky no matter who we bet on.

The Prediction : 55%-45% Five

The Bet : Low on Five