Flash Wolves defeat SKT the defending world champions!

Following the first day back of Aurelion Sole back from restriction, Flash Walves has defeated SKTFlash Wolves










As the Aurelion Sole was once again available for teams in Worlds following bugs, Flash Wolves immediately picked up the champion and dominated SKT in a nail biting game. SKT were surely favorites in the match, but Flash wolves rose as underdogs and swiftly grabbed the attention of hundreds of thousands and upsetting the whole tournament. There is no doubt that many professional analysists and players regard FLash Wolves as one of the lower tier team and did not expect anything much of them and being unable to get out of groups.

With Flash Wolves unexpected win against the defending world champions, Flash wolves are certainly a team that should be observed for the next few days of Worlds. Flash wolves win was mainly contributed to both the strong Aurelion sole pick which Maple executed well not only in lane, but also in team fights. Jungler Karsa played Lee Sin which allowed lanes to snowball quickly which was a major contributor to the win.