Flipsid3 vs CSGL – APM FinalsTips, Odds and Preview

CSGL vs Flipsid3

APM Season 2

CSGL and Flipsid3 are matched up against each other in the first Group stage match of Acer Predator Masters to be held on the 11th of February 2016 at 14:00 CET.




CSGOlounge has been performing quite well in their recent online performances. You will notice a string of wins in their online form. They have been winning against much decent teams in Dignitas, Vexed, Mouseports as you can see in the image below.

CSGL Recent ONLINE Matches

However as you can also see their LAN performances do not corroborate with their online results. Of Course it’s a truth that they have not qualified for that many tournaments in order to be able to show decent results. But that is exactly the point here. The fact that despite being so good online, they do not qualify for many LAN finals is disappointing enough. The quality of teams they lose to is not too high either.

CSGL recent LAN Matches

According to HLTV Roster Page, Minise will be stepping in for Oskarish for this LAN. It is not yet confirmed, but if that is the case it all the more damages the chances of CSGL for this match.




Flipsid3 have attended two LAN tournaments with their New Lineup ( including Shara). They have had some decent success at LAN;s including him. They placed 3-4 in both the IEM Qualifier LAN’s losing to SK and CPHW. Their performance was decent but they lost out on overtime in one of the maps and just raw aim in the other. Flipsid3 are definitely trying to improve consistently as their results show. In the recently concluded GameShow Global Cup, Flipsid3 were able to perform toe to toe with some of the better teams in the tournament. They were able to go close in matches against CLG and the likes. Overall Flipsid3 does seem to be the better team based on their LAN performances, especially the score lines.
Flipsid3 Recent LAN matches

The Prediction : 67%-33% on Flipsid3

The Bet : Low to Medium on Flipsid3

Risk : Medium

Fanobet : 2-1 Flipsid3