Flipsid3 vs Faze – ESL Tips, Odds and Preview

ESLFlipsid3 and Faze are matched up against each other in the Group stage of ESL on the 18th of February 2016 at 20:00 CET on the Cobblestone map.


Flipsid3 are actually pretty decent on Cobblestone right from the days that Simple was on their team. The new roster has been just about ok on this map. Flipsid3 being a new-ish team still have lots of coordination. However they are still decent on this map. The important players to watch out for on Flipsid3 during this match have to be Markeloff and Bondik. These players along with Worldedit have been performing very well recently and their performances have been the main reason for Flipsid3 doing as well as they have. If they falter, flipsid3 will be at a severe disadvantage.


Faze always ban Cobblestone. Indeed they are the only team that does, Astralis does not ban Cobblestone. Faze are just really bad on Cobblestone. However that being said, you have to remember that Faze is a much better skilled team than Flipsid3 in terms of aim. A smart bet on this match would be a low bet on Flipsid3 even though their chances are pretty slim. Faze definitely need to out-aim their opponents in order to win on this match. Considering their superior aim, that is definitely possible.

The prediction : 60%-40% Faze

The Bet : Low Flipsid3