Flipsid3 vs Fnatic – Overpass – ESL Pro League Season 3 – Tips, Odds and Preview

ESLFlipsid3 and Fnatic are matched up against each other in the ESL Pro league Season 3 to be held on the 23rd of March 2016 at 19:00 CET.


  • Flipsid3 have won 5 out of 6 of their latest Overpass matches. They have faced off against NaVI, Mousesports, Gamers2 and Ancient
  • Flipsid3, however is definitely the underdog here as they are facing Fnatic who are undoubtedly the number one team in the world right now
  • ESL Standings:ESL Standings
  • Flipsid3 has an almost 0% chance of making it to the top four and will not qualify for the playoffs.


  • Number one team in the world.
  • They have been on a huge winning streak, both in online matches and in LAN tournaments.
  • Overpass, which traditionally had been one of their weaker maps has been a safe map for them in the last 10 matches winning 90% of their matches.
  • Fnatic are placed 4th in the ESL standings so far. They are on the edge of the top four and they definitely will want to secure their place in order to qualify to the playoffs.

The Prediction : 70% – 30% Fnatic

The bet : Medium on Fnatic.