Flipsid3 vs Hellraisers – Acer Predator Masters Finals Tips, Odds and Preview

Flipsid3 vs Hellraisers

APM Season 2

Flipsid3 and Hellraisers are matched up against each other in the Acer Predator Masters LAN Semifinals match on 12th February 2016 at 22:00 CET.




Flipsid3 looked really good yesterday in their match against CSGL. The first map was a really close match in which they lost an advantageous situation on the map to lose 14-16. However that just seemed to be a warmup for them as they moved on to win the next map on Train. Train is not known as one of Flipside 3’s strongest maps especially compared to CSGL who are really good on Train. Flipsid3 won 16-11. The final map was Cobblestone. Flipsid3 have been really good on Cobblestone since 2015. They carried on that form into the final map to win easily on it. Flipsid3’s recent online results have been really good and that is the same form they seem to be carrying on into the LAN finals.




Hellraisers have been just decent in their recent form. They have not been too good as they were some months back. Hellraisers traditionally have been having problems on LAN. Their performance on LAN has been drastically different from their matches online. Hellraisers roster right now definitely lacks firepower as many of their team members have failed to deliver. However Flipsid3’s roster has been quite the opposite with individual members being really good on their part. As a team too Hellraisers lack the cohesiveness of the Flipsid3 rosters.


The prediction : Low to Medium on Flipsid3

The Bet : Medium Flipsid3

Risk : Low to Medium