Flipsid3 vs NIP – Cobblestone – ESL Pro League – Tips, Odds and Preview


Flipsid3 and NIP are matched up against each other in the ESL Pro League to be held on the 7th  of April 2016 at 18:00 CET on Cobblestone.



  • FLipsid3 Cobblestone Performance – Flipsid3 Cobblestone
  • Flipsid3 have traditionally played well on Cobblestone. But their performance definitely waned a lot after the exit of Simple.
  • They do not have the aim necessary to outplay NIP. The only way they can hope for a win on this map against NIP is if they outplay them on tactics. Considering how well versed the team is on this map, it is definitely possible.


  • NIP showed us an incredible performance on Cobblestone in their match against Mouz
  • Considering the fact that NIP rarely play Cobblestone (they have avoided it for the better part of last year), the scoreline of 16-5 win over Mouz was definitely an achievement.
  • Watch live video from MLG on www.twitch.tv
  • NIP’s performance on Cobblestone has been steadily improving which can be seen in their results.
  • NIP on Cobblestone – NIP Cobblestone
  • I think NIP have a very good chance of winning this map. Not only will it secure their position as the leader in the table for ESL pro league but also provide some much needed warm up against top tier teams on Cobblestone



The Prediction : 75%-25% NIP

The Bet : Medium on NIP