Flipsid3 vs SK – CounterpitTips, Odds and Preview


Flipside vs SK

Counterpit League

The match between Flipsid3 and SK  is a best of two event hosted by Counter Pit League l  on the 31st of January 2016 at 18:00 CEST.Flipside have looked really strong in their recent matches. They have had solid performances against Penta, Gamers2, YP, Planetkeys etc. These teams while not the best teams are definitely decent skilled teams. Flipside has not narrowly scraped them but has had convincing victories




Sk on the other hand are definitely scrapig the bottom right here. They have had just one match and that was against LDLC. blue but considering how close that math went it was anything but comfortable. Ldlc.blue is not one of the best teams in aim. They are definitely below the likes of UNu.ain, cphwolves and penta.




Considering this is a best of two match a bet on Flipside seems relatively safe. The tournament is counter pit League season two. This is literally the first match of the tournament and starting off on a victory would definitely put Flipside on a strong footing later on.


The prediction : 76% -24% Flipside

The bet : Medium Flipside