Flipside and Gambit move to the finals of ACL final.

Flipside faced off against Tengri in the semi finals of the ACL finals yesterday. They had a very close match-up against the underdogs Tengri. The reason why Flipside were able to win versus Tengri was a 1.6 like performance by Markeloff. Markeloff who was a huge star in 1.6 is slowly grinding his way back into form in CSGO right now. His AWP was one of the most revered performances in Game during the 1.6 era. While in CSGO, he has not been using the AWP as much, his rifling seems to have improved by leaps and bounds. There has not been a single match for Flipside which has not included a good performance by Markeloff. if he fails, the effect on the teams end result is drastic. flipside-vs-tengri

We can see how Worldedit, Markeloff and Waylander were able to slice through their opponents in the match. The 74-61 end result by Waylander definitely helped his team.

On the other side, we had a match between Gambit and Spirit. Gambit have been reeling with internal problems ever since the Dosia episode happened. They also had a roster change immediately following that. The team is in building phase / turmoil right now and their results sort of back this statement up.

The Scoreboard for Spirit vs Gambit ;


Tengri will now face Gambit. The winner of the two will go on to face Flipside in the Grand finals.