Flipside and Tengri advance in Cyber League

As day One of the Cyberleague Finals comes to an end; we see Flipside and Tengri proceeding to the upper finals of the tournament. Flipside defeated Spirit 2-0 ( Overpass 16-7, Cobblestone 16-7) while Tengri upset Gambit 2-1 (Train 16-14, Dust2 3-16, Overpass 16-13).


You can view the scoreboard for both the matches below :


Mou had an amazing match as he was the sole reason his team managed to stay alive. However the team effort from Tengri was just too good for the Gambit roster. Gambit have been involved in some controversies recently. They also changed a player right before this tournament. This loss is quite surprising even after taking into consideration all these factors. flipside-vs-spirit

Flipside were cold and ruthless. They had a very calculated and decisive victory over their local counterparts Spirit.