Flipside sign WayLander

Flipside Gambit Waylander


On the 21st of April 2016, Bondik had quit Flipside to Join Hellraisers.  This move was definitely seen as a big blow to Flipside as Bondik brings with him lots of experience and a lot of talent in the team as well. However Flipside were ready to take it in their stride and they strove forward to scout new talent and they had Waylander play for the CIS side on a regular basis.


Waylander attended two events with Flipside and despite having a 7-8 finish in some tournaments, Flipside were very good in their scorelines against some of the best teams in the world. Recently they qualified for next $1 million CSGO Major; ESL One Cologne 2016.


Flipside recently announced that They will be signing Waylander for the team. His performance so far has definitely been very good and he brings with him some much needed firepower and aggressiveness.

The statement released by Flipside can be read here and is quoted below.


“We are glad to have reached an agreement with Gambit over WayLander, and are excited to move forward with a full roster.  A special thank you as well to Gambit for allowing us to practice and compete full time with WayLander throughout the negotiation process.” – Dana ‘wuvs’ Kawar – COO FlipSid3 Tactics


“We are happy to finalize this deal with FlipSid3 Tactics, since wayLander was their first choice and it was Jan’s first priority to become a part of this team as well.  We are pleased with the fact that both Gambit and FlipSid3 have successfully integrated spaze and wayLander respectively and will participate in two premier tournaments, ELEAGUE and ESL One Cologne Major, in the nearest future.” – Konstantin “groove” Pikiner, CEO Gambit eSports



Waylander who was a part of Gambit Esports will now be playing for Flipside in the upcoming tournaments and including the Next Major