Flipside Tactics vs Panters Tips, Odds and Match Preview – hosted by Counter Pit

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Flipside Tactics vs Panters

Today we will analyse this match up between Penta vs E-Frag hosted by Counter Pit and give our tips and odds on this head to head challenge.  This is a Best of Two on the 2nd of February at 21:30 GMT.

In my expertise I would imagine this game will be a fly bye for Flipside Tactics if they are on form as they are playing to the Portuguese ” Panters ” who quiet frankly are of a low skill group and can’t compete well in a high tier.

Panters are a relatively new team of a few weeks but don’t have the skill required to take this Best of Two event from professional players.  Panters have a 20% win rate from all their games played as a team which is actually only five recorded games. They have one win against KICK but have lost against Exertus,TA,Dignitas and Acer.

Flipside gained their roster at the start of 2015 and have a lot of experience including offline events. Flipside have qualified for the Acer Predator Master Season 2. Flipside have an 80% win rate compared to their enemies 20% of their last five games with wins over G2 Esports, London Conspiracy, Penta and Planetkey.
My prediction: Flipside will win and I will give them a 78% odds to win.