Flipside vs NokSukao; Tips, Odds and Betting Previews – EPICENTER CIS Moscow Closed Qualifier.



Flipside and Noksukao are matched up in the EPICENTER CIS Moscow matches to be held on the 14th of September 2016 at 1800 CEST.


Flipside have so far been mediocre in their results. They have managed to tie a few games against mediocre teams ; but have not really want to win against the better rosters. Flipside are still having trouble in getting their team play together and hence their results are very uncertain. Based on their skill level alone; the roster is packed with some really talented individuals in Waylander and Shara. There have been innumerous clips about their performance and amazing gameplays.


Noksukao created ripples in the CIS Scene when they first formed the team. They managed to upset quite a few teams. Considering the kind of players within the team; this was quite good. However the teams slowly started figuring out the tactics and gameplay style of Noksukao. Soon they have had problems in execution and timing.

The Prediction : 60%-40% favoring flipside

The Bet : Low on Flipside.