Flipside vs Optic – ESL One Cologne Day 2 Preview & Betting Predictions

Flipside and Optic are matched up against each other in the Group stage match of the Cologne Major to be held on the 6th of July 2016 at 14:45 CEST


Both the teams had very one sided losses yesterday in the Group stage. Flipside lost 7-16 to NaVi on Train, which is one of the best maps for the Flipside roster. Optic on the other hand had a humiliating 4-16 loss to NIP Gaming on Dust2. Of course these maps are some of the top maps for both NIP and NaVi but the scoreline was a total shock.

Flipside however did show signs of life on the CT side of their match against NaVi. They just had too steep a slope to climb. Coming back from 13-2 is quite difficult and it of course proved too big a task for them to handle. Flipside had some good signs as we saw Markeloff and B1ade really showing up on their own CT side.

Optic on the other hand had Dust2 and they simply did not look good on it. NIP used to be very good on it earlier however their recent Dust2 results have not been convincing. Despite that Optic did not look good and were unable to take off at all.

I think the map would be a big factor in this match and even though Optic are a good team, the two teams share such a similar map pool. Optic and Flipside both are really good on Train and Flipside even have practiced on the map today. Cache and Cobblestone are maps that both the teams like to play on. It just seems that Flipside is playing much better right now. They have never been able to get out of the Groups, however that has never been for lack of trying.

Flipside has the superior aim IMO and since the map pool is so similar for both the teams, the aim should win it.

The Bet : 60%-40% Flipside

The Bet : Low on Flipside. ( It is a risky bet as both were smashed yesterday)