Fluffy Gangsters vs Renegades | ESL Cologne Main Qualifier | Tips Odds and Previews

ESL Cologne 2016

Fluffy Gangsters and Renegades are matched up in Round 3 of ESL Cologne 2016 Main qualifier to be held on the 11th of June 2016 at 13:00 CEST

Fluffy Gangsters had a very good start to the qualifiers with a overtime match against Mouz. They did lose it in the end to fall into the low round games. Here they played Cobblestone versus Optic. Despite having a decent first half, they just could not produce any effort on the second half. We have seen just one decent performance out of Fluffy Gangsters, that was on Dust2.


Renegades on the other hand have their own set of problems. They were pretty much getting crushed on Cobblestone. But they did manage a very good comeback to get back to 14-14 from being at a deficit of almost 13-5.


I think the better bet here would be on Renegades. They have a very good map pool which should literally be double of that of Fluffy Gangsters. While their aim might not be on point recently, the comfort on the maps should(might) be enough to take them over.FLG rely a lot on Little and that definitely puts them in a one sided position. The team is not capable of carrying it up if LIttle is not able to put up the same level of performance.


The Prediction : 60%-40% Renegades.

The Bet : Low on Renegades