Fnatic best Astralis. Astralis on verge of elimination

ESL One New York

fnatic have bested Astralis 16-9 on Dust 2 in New York, now going 2-1 in the Swiss format. Astralis will now have their backs against the wall, getting eliminated with another loss.

Fnatic were able to defeat Astralis. Astralis, who have had a string of bad results prior to this tournament looked good in the initial matches of ESL one New York 2016. However their form was not to remain, as they suffered a disappointing defeat at the hands of Fnatic. Wenton played a crucial role in this match. His positioning and the impact he had on several rounds cannot be judged just from his KDA which for this match is +3.

Scoreboard  :


With this loss, Astralis are close to getting eliminated from ESL One New York. THey will be eliminated if they suffer one more loss in the tournament.