Fnatic Best Faze and Advance Through to the Playoffs



Fnatic won their best of three elimination match against Faze with considerable ease and have qualified for the semifinals.


The first map, Mirage is not one of the strongest maps for Fnatic. However the team managed to sustain superior aim and team play. Fnatic won the pistol round and the subsequent 7 rounds and the score was set at 8-0. Faze did stage a mild comeback, however it was not enough and the half ended up with a 10-5 scoreline.

Fnatic continued their match dominance as they closed out the map 16-10 on Mirage. However they did make some elementary mistakes which allowed VP a small amount of leeway through the match.

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Full series statistics :

Fnatic vs Faze

Fnatic go on to face Astralis in the Quarterfinals on the 1st of April at 17:30 CET