Fnatic change roster for E League



Fnatic Dennis will be unable to play in the upcoming E League matches. The reasons are the same due to which Fnatic pulled out of ESL Pro League in Brazil. That being said they are definitely much better prepared this time around. They have announced a substitute for Dennis in the upcoming matches.


Fnatic Head Coach Jumpy will be filling in for Dennis in the Eleague matches. While Jumpy has not been seen professionally since quite sometime, it is safe to assume he should be able to put up a decent spectacle.


Vuggo :

As we had mentioned earlier, Dennis will not be able to attend the first phase of ELEAGUE for the same reasons behind our drop out from the ESL Pro League finals. This time however, we had more time to look into a temporary replacement. After some discussion we came to the conclusion that Jumpy would be the best fit; with relatively short time we value his leadership and tactical mind above any 30-dropping talent out there as we truly have enough firepower already.