Fnatic Coach “vuggo” will now act as Team manager


Fnatic Cs.go coach will be stepping down and transitioning to a Team manager position.

Victor “vuggo” Jen will be transitioning to the team manager position which will mean he will be less involved in team strategies and game play . His main role will now to be organise and enrolling in upcoming event as well as interact with players more personally.

Victor stated that he wanted the organisation to grow further and that for that to happen more personnel must be involved. He also mentioned that it was time for him to step back and it made sense that a more experience person wire greater in game knwodlege like Jimmy would fit better as a coach whom focuses on the playing aspect. Victor will be continuing to play a big part of Fnatic as the team manager as he will still oversee many of the activities the team is involved with.

Jimmy “Jumpy” Berndtsson a former professional counter strike 1.6 player will be taking over the role as the team’s cs.go coach. Jimmy is still involved with cs.go but has not played professionally that much since cs 1.6 so it will be interesting how his take on the game will help Fnatic.

I have great confidence that Fnatic will continue to grow and develop and that there must be a good reason for picking up Jimmy.