Fnatic Crowned IEM Katowice 2016 Champions

Continuing their winning streak, Fnatic were the eventual winners of the IEM Katowice World Championship 2016. Fnatic have now won 6 straight LAN events in what is turning out to be a very commanding performance for the Swedish team.


Their opponents Luminosity Gaming did not bow out without a fight. Indeed for 2 out of the 3 maps, LG were leading comfortably.


Map 1 was Overpass. LG took a commanding lead on this map with the first half ending at 12-3. LG even won the first pistol to take their lead 13-3. However Fnatic showed how good of a team they are by making a phenomenal comeback to tie the game at 15-15.




The second map was Cache. Cache is one of the best maps for Fnatic and they stomped LG on it. Fnatic’s aimpunch definitely showcased their prowess as they trumped LG in all aspects of the game. Cache was a cakewalk and by now LG were deep down as they were trailing 0-2.




The third map seemed to be a repeat of Overpass. LG again took a commanding lead in what should have been an easy win for LG. However their lack of experience showed as they crumbled under the pressure. They failed to close out a map again in under an hour.




Fnatic are the undefeated number one in the CS:GO Community. However many would argue that LG are definitely climbing up the rankings. Consistently making it to the playoffs and the semis of major tournaments, are LG peaking too early?

The major starts on march 29th and all the teams would love to hit their peak during the $1 million majors.


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