Fnatic defeat Immortals on the opening day of Overwatch Open



Fnatic topped Group B of Overwatch open with victories over Immortals and Method. The GSL Format allowed the North American Gaming powerhouse to extend themselves directly to the playoffs.


Their first match against Immortals had Kings Row, Hollywood and Volskaya industries as the three maps. Fnatic were able to reach all three checkpoints in both the maps that were played. On King’s row which is an escort map Fnatic put up a splendid defense near the statue on Checkpoint A. A lot of time was wasted at the crucial chokepoint as Immortals were just not able to get through. Later through a two frontal attack from the window and the main entrance, they were finally able to break through the Fnatic barriers. The initial time lost was definitely hurting as they could not reach the final checkpoint of the map with the payload.


The second map was on Hollywood which is a Hybrid map. This map was simpler for Fnatic as once they got through the initial choke point of reaching Point A, they just never looked back. The simplicity of the map with its alleys and the buildings surrounding on both sides saw Fnatic constantly flank the Immortals defense.

Check out the full match here :