Fnatic Interview Twist



Fnatic have posted an interview they conducted in house with Twist. You can read the interview on their website ;

Welcome aboard! How do you feel about joining Fnatic after arriving from GODSENT?

I was very happy in GODSENT, but when things went the way it did, i’m really happy I got the opportunity to keep on fighting at the highest level in Fnatic.

You have a long history in Counter-Strike, and have built a name for yourself over the years. Was it a tough journey to get to where you are now?

I wouldn’t say tough, no. When you enjoy doing things it comes easy, I’ve always played because I love playing and the evolving of me as a player has come naturally.

What would you label as the highlight of your career?

Our run in Katowice with LGB. We came as underdogs and did really well against all teams, being the only team to win a map against the almighty Virtus Pro at the time.

Have you always stuck to the same in-game roles or did you switch roles a lot depending on the team?

I think I’ve always had almost the same role, but I’ve matured a lot in my way of playing. I played a bit reckless at the beginning of my pro career, whereas now i’m more calm and smarter in a sense.

Now that we’ve reflected on the past, what do you wish to achieve in the future with Fnatic?


What tournaments are you most looking forward to playing in the near future?

We’re really looking forward to our first event in New York, as well as E-League which I’ve heard a lot of great things about. The next major and the qualification to it will be massive as well.

You’ve had some time to play with the boys. Are you confident in the team’s potential?

Yeah, I think we have a great mixture of players and how they play. Some are stars today, some are stars of tomorrow.

Is the team adjusting well to their new roles in the lineup?

It has been a lot of hard work to get things going, but we’re slowly getting there, improving every day.

Quick Fire Questions! 
What’s your current role?


What’s your favourite weapon?


Title you want to win?


What crosshair do you use?

size 2 gap -2

What’s your resolution?

1024×768 Black Bars

Windows and in-game mouse sensitivity?

6/11, sens 2

Biggest rival?

GODSENT maybe, with everything that has happened.

Favourite tournament to either play or watch?

Majors, always.

What’s your favourite team to watch?

VP always brings a lot of fun matches, they have a very broad way of playing and they always bring something new.

Do you enjoy traveling to a lot of tournaments?

I don’t like flying but i do like new places and new cultures, so it’s a bit of both.

Who’s your all-time favourite player?