Fnatic Mushi Interview




Q: Fnatic performed very well at TI6, finished in 4th place. Many people didn’t expect you guys to achieve this.

Mushi: I think luck has became one of the big portion of the reason why we get 4th place, and the portion is even bigger than our ability, but we did have our own advantage, which was stress management. It’s because we performed poorly in the group stage, so we played every game of main event as our last game in TI6, and our performance became even better.

Q: There were a lot of favorite-to-win teams got eliminated very early. What was the important thing that made you guys were able to fight until top 4?

Mushi: Believe in each other, and learn from the games that we played.

Q: You guys fought hard from the first day of main event, and won 4th at the end. Were you satisfied more or regretful more?

Mushi: Both, but if I have to make a choice, I think it will be regretful more. As we’ve gone so far in the main event, more hopes would naturally come out, but I also know that quote: “the more expectation, the more disappointment”. So after we got eliminated, I felt really disappointed.

Q: After got eliminated by DC, you posted a Weibo, saying that you really hope that would be your last game. Why?

Mushi: Because I have promised to my fans that I won’t retire if I don’t win a world champion. So if I win the TI6, I will choose to retire. Though I will retire after one or two years even without winning a champion, but I think I did really see hopes to win TI6 but still couldn’t do it. I’m still regretful.

Q: Watching you fought hard every opponent in lower bracket until top 4, this scene reminded me of something. I feel like the Fnatic in TI6 is similar to Orange in TI3.

Mushi: From TI3 to TI6, I grew a lot with experiences throughout these three years, and I was in different teams, so I think it’s incomparable.

Q: (The interviewer is stating the difference between what Mushi did after TI3 and TI6) But after TI3, you came to China. After TI6, you remain in SEA to build a new team.

Mushi: Playing in China or SEA have its own advantage, the most important thing is whether you feel comfortable playing in the certain region.

Q: Let’s talk about your experience in China. Why did you come to China?

Mushi: Orange had a good result which is third place in TI3, but the teammates were not that willing to play with me, our relationship was just teammates instead of friends. I had a talk with my boss about this issue, and telling him I wanted to leave the team. But after a week, no one had the urge to keep me staying with the team except my boss, that was why I came to China.

Q: How did you join DK?

Mushi: I remember that I contacted Burning and Lanm to form a team together, while me and the DK manager also strongly recommended ice3 to join us. MMY was already in DK, we did worry about his laziness, but if others were able to be hardworking, MMY wouldn’t be lazy as well. So, this was how DK formed.

Q: Until now, that DK was still the most influential team in China. What memories do you have while staying in DK for one year?

Mushi: The memories are playing games together with a few big men. That time we always quarreled with each other, and stop training/playing because of it. We even quarreled during competitions. Many teams lose their stance after quarreling, but DK was different, we still won the games. One year passed in a blink of an eye. To me, those are great memories.

Q: You achieved a lot with DK. Has that time became you and your teammates’ peak of your professional career?

Mushi: I can’t say it’s their peak of their professional career, but to me, yes, as I can’t achieve like what I did in DK when I came back to SEA.

Q: Why didn’t you stay in China, as China region provides better offer and environment?

Mushi: If Burning and Lanm didn’t choose to retire, I would stay in China. I joined DK because of them. I would only want to form a team with them if I stay in China. If they retire, the DK wouldn’t be the same even I stay.

Q: Having an All-star lineup in a team doesn’t mean it will be the strongest team. From your perspective, what factors made DK a strong team?

Mushi: DK was strong is because everyone did very well in their own position. We trusted each other, and we took every competition and training very seriously.

Q: During pre TI4, DK was involved in a “reject to scrim” issue. What was all about it?

Mushi: That time a lot of teams didn’t want to scrim with us, after that a friend told me we have been rejected to scrim. I was a bit angry and posted a stupid weibo.

Q: What did you post?

Mushi: I posted a weibo that mocked xiao8. After thinking deeply, although we got rejected to scrim but they didn’t do anything wrong to us. They didn’t owe us anything. So I felt that I shall not post that Weibo.

Q: From your perspective, did “reject to scrim” bring any negative impact to you guys?

Mushi: Yes it did, and we didn’t think that we were the only team that got rejected to scrim with, plus I’m a foreigner, I felt disgusted. This issue made us to travel to US early to scrim with EU and NA teams.

Q: Do you think that DK was able to win TI4 if there was no “reject to scrim” issue?

Mushi: I think that issue had nothing to do with our poor result in TI4. The reason why we did bad was because we didn’t adjust our mentality properly. The defeated favorite-to-win TI6 teams had the same reason as well. DK was the favorite-to-win TI4 team, but we didn’t adjust our mentality properly. Lose is lose.

Q: Let’s talk about the current team. The new lineup is confirmed, three TNC members join you guys. How did you guys make this decision to rebuild a new Fnatic with this lineup?

Mushi: Our midlaner and two supporters left the team after TI6. I contacted DeMoN, and he thought that TNC had some internal problems, and couldn’t continue to play anymore, so he brought another TNC’s supporter (Eyyou) to join Fnatic. I want to play mid again, so we need a carry. By the recommendation of DeMoN, Raven joins too.

Q: People saw the potential of Fnatic in TI6. But after TI6, looked like there was some internal problems in Fnatic. Can you explain about it?

Mushi: Many players want to join a stronger team after TI, I can understand them, so I won’t stop them to find a team that suits them the most.



Q: During the Valve’s players dropping period, you posted a Weibo. saying that after you read a fable “Mr. Dongguo and wolf”, you learned something. What does it mean? (You can refer to this reddit post to understand somethinghttps://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/4yzhdh/mushi_got_screwed_by_midone/? )

Mushi: A teammate wanted Fnatic to sponsor his new team instead of us after leaving Fnatic. I think that team shuffling or players change team is a very normal stuff, but this is my first encounter about this kind of stuff.

Q: During the Fall shuffle, your old teammate, ice3 came back to SEA. Did you even consider to invite him to join Fnatic?

Mushi: I already knew very early that he would come back to SEA, but I never thought about inviting him to join, as he came back to SEA just for playing with friends, and he won’t choose to join us.

Q: What is your expectation about this Fnatic’s new line up?

Mushi: The current Fnatic will be stronger than the TI6’s Fnatic, but we need some time.


This Interview is posted (in chinese) on Wan2playgame. The reddit thread with the translation can be found here.