Fnatic partners with Italian football team – Fifa

Fnatic has partnered with Associazione Sportiva Roma to help them manage the FIFA team



Associazione Sportiva Roma is one of the top footballs teams in Italy founded in a 1927 and competing in the Italian league serie A, the highest level of football in the country. The club believes esports is a rapidly growing industry and have thus partnered quickly with Fnatic to help them Kickstart and manage their new team. As the Associazione Sportiva Roma specialises in professional footage and know very little of the industry and player management of that sort, they have decided to partner with Fnatic to maximize the team’s potential.

This investment by AS Roma somewhat matches the actions of other sporting teams such as FC Schalke’s decision to enter esports.  While AS Roma decided to enter a game with less viewers and supporters, it matches their clun feel of football, as fifa is the most popular football game around in the world. Having a professional sports team invest in the esports themed counter part is defintiely interesting and it is expected that support should pick up from the original club supporters to the new fifa team.

Overall, it’s a great investment to the esports industry, and it is expected the trend will continue for the time being as sporting giants esp and into esports.