Fnatic picks up NicoThePico and Wolle

Fnatic has signed NicoThePico as the Assistant coach and Wolle as their in game Analyst.

Fnatic explained in their statement that in order for their League of Legends team to further progess “in order to comfortably compete at the highest level”, they will be needing more personnel to help the team which is why Fnatic decided “to expand (their) current League of Legends staff by hiring an assistant-coach and additional analyst.

NicoThePico was the formal Head Coach / Analyst of Origen. He only stayed for the team for a couple of months before leaving, this is likely due to the reason that Origen had a nightmare with staff, where many of them left following by a decline in team morale which lead them to poor performance and being out of the EU LCS Playoffs.

Wolle had previously been an analyst for SK Gaming, before resigning from his position late last year before being picked up by Fnatic. The addition of Wolli will certainly boost the team’s performance, as it provides the team with a new outlook on the game. Wolle stated that he has “a lot of faith in Fnatic´s ability to keep improving”, and with the addition of these 2 new members, it surely will.