Fnatic undergo roster changes, looking for tryouts


Three months ago we put together an Overwatch squad made up of players who were all looking to prove themselves in an up and coming scene. When you gather six players with different backgrounds, there’s always some getting used to required and while everyone might seem compatible at first there is no predicting how things evolve when you add the pressure of performing at the highest level.Today, we are announcing that we will be holding tryouts for the DPS spot currently held by André “iddqd” Dahlström. Iddqd takes a step down from his starter position but will remain part of our organisation until further notice. We will also still see him representing Fnatic and Team Sweden at the Overwatch World Cup during Blizzcon.

If you think you have what it takes to become a part of Fnatic Overwatch then now is your chance! In order to be considered all you have to do is apply via gaming@fnatic.com using “Overwatch DPS Tryouts” as a subject. Besides your motivation as to why you’d be a good fit for Fnatic, every application should also include the following information:

  • – Name, nickname, battletag, age, and nationality
  • – Known languages and the degree to which you can speak and understand English
  • – A proven track record in Competitive Play during Season 1 and 2 (eg. an in-game screenshot of your results)
  • – Past experience in other games and/or eSports titles, supported by VoDs/replays/tournament results if available.
  • – Are there any responsibilities (eg. school/work/other) that can impact your availability?
  • – Can you travel the globe for tournaments without problems?
  • – Can you move into a gaming house if needed?
  • – Any additional information you feel is key to your application
We will consider every application but will not be able to reply to all of you. Anyone considered for a tryout spot will be contacted via email, if you don’t receive a reply within 2 weeks this means you haven’t been selected.Good luck!