Fnatic vs Astralis – MLG Columbus Major – Tips, Odds and Preview

MLG Columbus

Fnatic and Astralis are matched up against each other in the MLG Columbus Major to be held on the 1st of April 2016 at 17:30 CET.


  • Fnatic are a very puggy team. Ever since the addition of Dennis, the whole team have been playing consistently in their matches. Yesterday, at one point of time in their match against Faze, the whole team was on 15 frags.
  • Fnatic have not been provided any competition except in their match against Liquid. But what that does show us is that Fnatic are beatable.  Despite being a really high performing team they can be toppled by a top NA team such as Liquid.
  • Fnatic’s nemesis in 2015 was always Astralis who prefer to play on maps such as Dust2, Cache and Cobblestone.  So far into the tournament, they have been vetoing according to their opponents’ map strengths.


  • Astralis have always been Fnatic’s nemesis. The team consistently won matches in 2015. However they are currently in a small slump currently.
  • Astralis’ map pool is quite different from that of Fnatic with the exception of Dust2. Astralis almost always bans Cobblestone first followed by Cache which happen to be the best maps for Fnatic.
  • Each team gets only one veto and one pick. As such Astralis cannot veto both Cache and Cobblestone. Depending on which map they veto, they will have to play the other map.

Map Vetoes 

  • Astralis veto Cobblestone
  • Fnatic veto Overpass
  • Astralis pick Dust2
  • Fnatic pick Cache
  • Final map is random

The biggest advantage for the Swedish side seems to be Cache. Astralis are very weak on Cache and as such it should be a sure victory for the Swedish side.


The Prediction : 70%-30% Fnatic

The Bet : Medium on Fnatic.

Watch the Action Live Here