Fnatic vs Dignitas | E League | Tips Odds and Previews


Fnatic and Dignitas are matched up against each other in the Group stage of E League Group D on the 15th of June 2016 to be held at 14:45 EDT

Map 1 = Cobblestone

Map 2 = Dust 2


Dignitas have been slumping since they lost Kjaerbye to Astralis and replaced him with CajunB. Their map veto style in particular has been really pathetic. (at least In my opinion). They seem to be picking according to CajunB’s better maps instead of their Traditionally good maps of Cobblestone, Cache etc. [ They picked Dust2 remember?]. Dignitas seem to be still finding their way around the team and the way they want to approach the game. The team has some really good aimers and clutchers in general. However they seem to lack the synergy that a team needs to play off each other. We do not really know what maps favor Dignitas right now ( mainly because of their skewed thoughts regarding veto [ by skewed I mean , they seem to be still discovering it themselves]).


Fnatic played 4 maps yesterday. They won against TSM  ( no surprises there), won 16-0 against Faze on Cobblestone and lost Mirage to Faze. The 16-0 win against Faze seems quite Flashy and extravagant, but losing to the same team in the next map does seem quite astonishing as well.


The maps for this matchup are Cobblestone and Dust2. The current odds for these maps are 87-14 ( Yes i know it adds to 101:P), 85-15.


I don’t really know if Dignitas deserve only 15% odds. Cobblestone used to be the best map for Dignitas core for a long time. Cajunb ( who was in Astralis ) isn’t as experienced on this map, but you have 4 really good players on Cobblestone.

Dust2 on the other hand seems to be the opposite. CajunB is a very good player  on Dust2, while Dignitas in general don’t have much experience on it. They did win on the map at the qualifiers, but their opponent was not as good as Fnatic definitely.


I would go ICB * 2 or just low ( if feeling lucky today) on Dignitas here. They definitely don’t deserve as low odds as 15% on either map


The Prediction : 74%-26% Fnatic

The Bet : Low and equal on Dignitas.