Fnatic vs EnVyUs – CS GO StarLadder 2016 – Tips, Odds and Preview


Fnatic vs EnVyUs

Two of the best teams from 2015 will be fighting it out in the Group stage of Starladder. These two teams have met numerous times in the past with Fnatic coming out on top for the most part. However both teams have  changed significantly ever since. The laurels have always rested with Fnatic. But no one should ever count EnVyUs. EnVyUs are definitely the team with the best aim amongst all teams right now. However as we have seen several times in the previous year, having insane aim doesnt always win you matches.


Fnatic have a new addition to their roster in the form of Dennis. But it is also been like several months since Dennis joined the team. Fnatic as a team always focus on practising several hours in the day and improving their game. Their aim is definitely improved with Olofmeister recent performances reaching his peak level of 2014. Dennis is the latest addition to the team. While he is not a superstar player (yet ) he definitely adds more firepower to the team than the previous iteration of Pronax. Something else to note is that Dennis provides an improvement in firepower yet the team overall should lack a strategic approach to the game.Olofmeister was the reason for Fnatic really winning several trophies and all their majors in 2015. His slump was the reason why Fnatic also went into a slump. In November-December, however Olofmeister was back at it again scoring multiple frags per round and basically putting Fnatic in a position of advantage over their opponents.


Their opponents however are EnVyUs who are not some of the best players in terms of strategy. So in terms of aim and firepower I would think that Both teams are sort of equally matched up. Fnatic might be slightly better off than EnVyUs however. EnVyUs’ latest matches have not really been the best of results for the team. They have been slumping and if casters are to be believed during the previous LAN tournaments, they have not been living together under the gaming house either. There has had been a breakdown in communication in the team. Historically in the French scene that has always resulted in a team roster change.

Something to note is that, EnVyUs have a history of not performing well in their Opening matches. They have had losses to much lower teams such as CLG, E-frag etc on the first days of tournaments. It does seem that travelling gets them to be tired.


In terms of Maps, Fnatic are really amazing on Inferno, Dust 2, Cache and Mirage. They have also shown tendencies to be much better team recently on maps such as Cobblestone ( although they are not as good as EnVyUs). Train as a map is another advantage for Fnatic because EnVyUs are just really bad on Overpass and Train. That gives a significant advantage to the Swedish team in terms of maps. EnVyUs pretty much have a stagnant veto process of banning Overpass and Train. The next worse map for them is Mirage, however they have been improving on this map significantly. Fnatic for their part have been really consistent on several maps including Train and Overpass.

Overall Fnatic seem to be slightly ahead in terms of their advantages. EnVyUs have had their changes recently. Adapting to these changes in such a short period of time would be a very difficult task for the team

The Prediction : 65% – 35% in favor of Fnatic

The bet : Fnatic