Fnatic vs Faze, Tips odds and Previews, ESL One Cologne Major

Fnatic vs Faze

ESL Cologne 2016


Faze and Fnatic are matched up against each other in the elimination match of ESL Cologne Major on the 7th of July 2016 at 22:00 CEST

This is the second time that these teams will be meeting each other. Fnatic were on the losing end of the last encounter, but that was a best of one with the map being Dust2.

Faze went on to play against SK in the next match and that was a pretty one sided affair. Fnatic had to face the tougher opponent in Gamers2, but Fnatic were able to win that with some relative ease as well.


Fnatic, even if they are not in form always manage to show up in the Majors. Fnaticś roster includes Olofmeister back in the fold again. Along with Olofmeister, the team has been showing signs of returning to their 2015 form.


Faze have been really good since the ESL One Cologne Main Ofline qualifiers. Their performance has been really upto par with the top teams, however they have mostly played aginst the weaker teams for the most part.


This match is a best of three match and it should be quite an easy match for Fnatic IMO. They have the experience and the firepower. Considering that this is an eliination match, it is incoceivable to even think about fnatic ( Being in the current form right now) not being a legends status in the next major.


The Prediction : 70%-30% Fnatic

The Bet : Medium on Fnatic