Fnatic vs Gamers2 – ESL One Cologne Day 2 Preview & Betting Predictions

Fnatic and Gamers2 are matched up against each other in the Group stage of the Cologne Major to be held on the 6th of July 2016 at 20:00 CEST.



The Group of Death definitely will see the exit of one of the favorites in the Group stage itself. Fnatic and Gamers2 were both contenders for the top slot and now the loser of this match faces elimination. Fnaticś performance lacks information as we have only seen them once with Olofmeister. Despite being very good and almost back to the 2015 performance

Gamers2 had a very impressive match against LG. Keep in mind that SK won both the pistol rounds and that is 6 rounds easily for the Brazilian side. Gamers2 did have very good gun rounds and their performance on these rounds was actually better than that of SK. Gamers2 however were thwarted by a huge margin to Fallenś IGL. They just were not able to win the economy game and the close loss eventually displays that.

I think Fnatic are still a bit overhyped so far. They did play fantastic in the one LAN tournament that they have played, but we have not seen much of them. Gamers2 on the other hand were actually quite good yesterday and give or take a few crucial rounds or a single pistol round the result could have been different

The Prediction: 60%-40% Gamers2

The Bet : Low on Gamers2.