Fnatic vs LG – StarLadder Tips, Odds and Preview


Fnatic vs LG

starladder picFnatic


Fnatic put on a dominant performance against Gamers2 demolishing them. Gamers2 were never able to put their feet in the game. Gamers2 have had several problems with their roster and with the management. The departure of their coach right before the first match of the tournament did not help things either.

The new Fnatic is definitely reminiscing certain traits of the old roster. They are playing aggressive with Olofmeister back to lurking on Inferno. Fnatic have a certain style of play which requires them to fake a lot. They like playing and converging on a particular site if the opportunity provides. However if at any point they cannot do that they always have various other options which include a set strat onto the site or just a super fast paced round as we see in the 8th round on Inferno.

Fnatic however are not confident on all maps. Their map pool is limited heavily in accordance with them being very puggy in their gameplay. The sole reason why the roster change was implemented was because some players felt that they should adopt a more puggy style of gameplay as opposed to Pronax’s style of calling.

Fnatic’s best maps right now are Inferno, Cache and Dust2. Their next best maps are definitely Cobblestone and Mirage. Train and Overpass seem to be their least favorite maps. However that being said, they are such a heavy aim oriented team that the maps alone would not guarantee a disadvantage for the Swedish roster.

Luminosity Gaming

LG have been constantly impressing everyone. They are probably the only team I can say is pulling way over their weight. Their practise and the detail with which they have been going about the game, shows that they are ready for this match.

LG have the advantage of watching Fnatic play against Gamers2. They have an idea of what to expect from Fnatic on certain maps. Fnatic being the number one team in the world ( or number two) definitely are the subject of study from most teams. Their performance is constantly scrutinized and broken down into the minutest details. The reverse cannot always be said to be true.

LG’s best maps seem to be definitely hovering around Train and Overpass. They are mediocre on Cache and Dust 2 ( as compared to Fnatic at least )Their Cobblestone is good and heavily depends on their awper and IGL Fallen. Mirage is one of LG’s best maps and Fnatic would be a folly to not ban Mirage against LG.


Fnatic is definitely the favorite team here. However LG is a team that can easily counter Fnatic. They have the aim and if they fire on all cylinders they can easily defeat Fnatic. Fnatic did look very good against Gamers2, however it was not a situation where they were facing an opponent who were trying to their best.

The Prediction : Fnatic 73%-27%

The Bet : Low to Medium LG ( mostly hovering around Low )