Fnatic vs Mongolz – IEM Katowice Tips, Odds and Preview.

Katowice 2016

Fnatic and Mongolz are matched up against each other in the Group stage match of the IEM Katowice to be held on the 2nd of March 2016 at 19:00 CET.


Fanatic are definitely the better team here. The tournament is a round robin group stage and hence each win becomes as important as the next. Fnatic rarely falter against the weaker teams and they eventually end up crushing.


Mongolz for their part will be facing off against the best team in the world. There will be several factors affecting them including but not limited to knowing that they will be up against the number one team in the world. Mongolz should be crushed in this match just based on raw skill.


The prediction : 85%-15% Fnatic

The Bet : High Fnatic