Fnatic vs NaVi – IEM Katowice Tips, Odds and Preview.

Katowice 2016


Fnatic and NaVi are matched up against each other in the Group stage match of the IEM Katowice to be held on the 2nd of March 2016 at 12:20 CET



Fnatic have vastly improved their gameplay after the addition of Dennis. Their preferred maps are Dust2, Inferno, Cache and Cobblestone. They are also decent on Mirage and Train. However, Fnatic’s aim is so strong that they cannot be underestimated even on other maps. The type of gameplay for Fnatic seems to be puggy and relying on aim duels. Fanatic also seem to be very skilled on LAN having won almost all the LAN’s after the roster change. They look even stronger than their previous dominant lineup in 2015.




NaVi have had several wins recently on LAN’s. However they have not faced the same tough competition they faced LG in the finals of the last tournament. However since then, they have been very lacklustre in their approach to the game and lost even to Sk 2-0. NaVi’s map pool is not as good as Fnatic’s and their slow style of gameplay is really opposite to Fnatic’s. NaVi need one of their star players to step up and carry in order to perform well. While Guardian can be counted to step up sometimes it is really difficult to maintain consistent performance.


The Prediction : 65%-35% Fnatic

The Bet : Medium Fnatic