Fnatic vs NaVi, Tips Odds and Preview – E League Semi finals



Fnatic and NaVi are matched up against each other in the Semi Finals of Season 1 of E League to be held on the 28th of July 2016 at 2300 CEST


Fnatic have been on a resurgent note recently. Their performances have peaked and they look well on the way to reaching their level of 2015. Fnatic have a very good record in their recent matches only losing to the Major Finalists, Liquid. Their loose style of gameplay heavily reflects the 2015 style and that is what they are most comfortable with. This is the finals of a very important tournament as it will be broadcasted on TV ( Turner Broadcasting Service).


NaVi on the other hand have been struggling ever so slightly. NaVi depend heavily on Guardian to perform good. If Guardian does not have a good day, NaVi;s performance suffers. That does not mean they cannot win if Guardian does not play well, but it definitely lowers their chances. Fnatic dont have a dedicated AWPér and as such they have evolved their playstyle.


The Prediction : 65%-35%

The Bet : Low on Fnatic