Fnatic vs. Qiao Gu – IEM Katowice 2016 – Group B- Game 1

Fnatic vs. Qiao Gu are matched up against each other for the League of Legends tournament hosted by IEM Katowice to be held Monday, March 14, 2016 – Group B – Game 1

Gamsu : V

Spirit : Swift

Febiven : Doinb

Rekkles : Peco

Klaj : Mor

Fnatic Logo

Fnatic as a team, have been slightly hit and miss so far this split. Gamsu and Spirit have a great synergy, which enables them to team up to get fed, and both Rekkles and Febiven are able to create leads, by either kills or farming minons well, but it seems they are lacking the ability to end games when they have leads. This could be due to Rekkles being new to the shotcalling role, and that will take time and experience to master. Ciao Gu, on the other hand, ended 2nd in the LPL summer split and playoffs, as well as 2nd place at IEM Cologne. They look to be a strong team, able to finish out games effectively. Whether or not they will be able to outmatch Fnatic in the laning phase will certainly swing the game into their favour, as Fnatic seem to struggle when playing from behind.

Chance of victory: Fnatic: 50% : Qiao Gu: 50%