Fnatic vs. Team Vitality – EU LCS – Week 8 – Day 2 – Preview

Fnatic vs. Team Vitality are matched up against each other for the European League of Legends Series to be held Friday, March 11, 2016 – Week 8 – Day 2

Fnatic vs. Team Vitality

Gamsu : Cabochard

Spirit : Shook

Febiven : Nukeduck

Rekkles : Hjarnan

Klaj : kaSing


Fnatic, after a great run at IEM should be returning with their heads held high, losing only to SKT, the current world champions, their roster is looking like a cohesive unit, working well together and communicating what they want to do, then executing it well. Febiven has been performing very well in the mid lane, solo killing Faker at IEM should be a big confidence boost, and it is likely he will want to continue making big plays in the LCS.

For Vitality, they will need to continue playing as they have previously, giving Cabochard the space to create an early impact, then letting Nukeduck and Hjarnan carry team fights late game. Shaunz, their coach has great game knowledge, and is able to decipher enemy team compositions and draft great counters, no doubt he will be analysing Fnatic’s play at IEM, and finding numerous ways to counter it.

Overall, based on Fnatic’s recent play, this game could be quite close, as both teams are desperately fighting for every victory. However, based on their standings and previous play, I have to give the edge slightly to Vitality, but Fnatic could very easily take the win also.

Chance of victory: Fnatic: 45% : Team Vitality: 55%