Fnatic win versus Method



Fnatic were up against Method in their second match for the day. They won the match and qualified into the playoffs. Ana’s nanoboost seems to be the go – to skill for most of the teams during Overwatch Open. The performance of the team seems to be quite good as they played a solid control map. They targeted the Winston of team method and once Winston fell down; they were up against the remaining team mates for team Method. Their choice of targets was impeccable as they then got Lucio in the next kill. Genji meanwhile was able to get his Ultimate on three heroes which allowed Fnatic to wrest control of the point from Method.

Method replied back with a huge sound barrier and Zenyata ultimate.Zarya ultimate then set it up for Tracer to hit her ultimate. This allowed Fnati to wipe out Method and continue to take control of the point .



Method were able to take control of the map with an all in play by them to continue to take the game to Overtime. Fnatic then looked very incoherent and out of sorts in their match play as even one man Zarya ultimates were left unpunished by Fnatic. Method won the map and the match progressed to a third map.

Volskaya Industries saw Method steamrolling Fnatic on checkpoint 1. They got a huge boost in terms of time as they were able to take control of checkpoint A. They then got the payload to go ahead and their performance was very synchronised. Method used a lot of ultimates and got a triple kill for Snow. They did have the sound barrier however going through the chokepoint near the second checkpoint proved difficult for them as methods ultimates were countered by the transcendence by Fnatic. Method were able to almost go through the second checkpoint too. Fnatic however put up a huge block near the second checkpoint. The next assaults by Method proved futile as Fnatic had the advantage of the ultimates. The ultimates for Method were simply not charging.


The defense by Fnatic was fuelled mainly by the management of their ultimates. Up until that point, Method were definitely going really strong. However consecutively losing several fights saw Method going back to their defense and were simply unable to get back into an even footing. Once Method went on the defense, we saw Fnatic play a fantastic game of Mei in order to stroll through Checkpoint A. The usage of the combos by Fnatic to see the Blizzard on top of the Zarya ultimate saw them take a team kill for Fnatic. The payload went through very fast into the same checkpoint near balcony and Archway. Method however decided to push through and that cost them valuable points which saw Fnatic reach the second checkpoint.