Forg1ven will be going to worlds!

H2K confirms that Forg1ven will be attending League of Legends Worlds 2016

Following the rumors that Freeze will be representing H2k instead of Forg1ven at worlds has been widely circulated recently. This was recently due to invite that Forg1ven received earlier last month to the 2016 Overwatch World Cup. The Overwatch World Cup will take place after worlds, however, the schedule will be fairly tight since if Forg1ven attends both he will have to sacrifice training and preparation time for on or even both games. He has yet to confirm if he will be playin in the Overwatch Worlds tournament this year.

Forg1ven is one of Eu’s star AD carry’s and it’s great that he will be reprenting H2k at worlds. Not to say Freeze isn’t a great player, but Forg1ven is undoubtedly one of the best EU players of all time with a long history in the League of Legends scene. Who knows, Freeze may have a chance to sub in as AD a few times, like how Easyhoon and Faker switched multiple times throughout Worlds last year.