Former League Champion Toyz Sued by Hong Kong Esports


Taipei Assassins mid laner and 2012 League of Legends World Champion Kurtis ‘Toyz’ Lau has had a huge fallout with Hong Kong Esports. He has had friction with the team management and that has resulted in him being out of the team for a good one year. He has decided to depart from the team and form his own in the form of Raise Gaming.

This has definitely irked Hong Kong Esports. According to their contract Toyz is contractually obliged to be a part of HKE and cannot form his own team on his own terms.


The post by Team Management shows evidence of Toyz forming his own team and breaking the contractual obligations.

“It says that they’ve asked a court to bar Toyz from playing for any club other than HKE, and also to bar him from participating in any activities that would compete with HKE as a result of breach of contract. Their boss made the statement on Facebook and said that Toyz would be officially notified the day after.

Source – PVPLive