Former SKT members relegated off LPL!

Vici Gaming has been relegated after a shocking 3-1 loss to DAN Gaming

Vigi Gaming has been relegated out of the LPL due to their disappointing loss to DAN Gaming. Vici Gaming had previously been one of the best League of Legends teams in China, however, the recent years have seen the rapid decline. To recover and to aim for the top once again, Vici Gaming signed 3 ex SKT members, PoohManDu as coach, bengi as jungle and Easyhoon as their mid-laners. All three former SKT members were previous World Champions, the most successful being Bengi, whom has won the LoL World championship 3 times!

The relegation also proves that money cannot buy wins. While it is able to buy talent and increase the chance of qualifying to various tournaments, it is not an automatic win. Great individual players without proper support means nothing, as shown by Vici Gaming’s loss to DAN Gaming, one of the weaker teams in the LPL.

This outcome is complete disaster for Vici Gaming. As it will likely result in less sponsors to fund their extremely expensive player line up, with 3 former world champions. While it is unlikely to cripple Vici Gaming due to the size of the organisation, it will certainly be a big blow and damage the image of Vici Gaming.