Former World Champion Dandy leaves Vici Gaming

Dandy has announced via his Weibo that he will be leaving Vici Gaming

Dandy was best known as the 2014 League of Legends World Champion as the Samsung Galaxy White’s jungler where he was at his prime. After the win, Dandy decided to move on to another team like many other world champions, where he signed on with Vici Gaming. Since that day, he has stayed with the team for 2 years before currently deciding to part ways with the team.

DanDy claimed earlier this year he was interested to join another team, while still on contract due to the team’s recent poor performance. He mentions that he has “been very stressed. The team atmosphere also hasn’t been very good. This is why I thought that maybe I should take a break.”

DanDy will remain playing professionally as there is yet to be talk about retirement and he is still fairly young. It is likely DanDy will return to Korea as many former stars express their interest to return, and who knows, maybe they will all group together and form a team!