Forsen, Ostkaka, SuperJJ form Hearthstone team

Forsen, Ostkaka, SuperJJ will play under the same team in the ATLC 2 as “The Gentlemen Club”


The first Archon Team League Championships (ATLC) was a great success, one of the best tournaments ever hosted by a team. Following the announcement of ATLC 2, interest has been stirred amongst professional players, including the 3 Veteran players Forsen, Ostkaka and SuperJJ.

These players have announced they will be playing under the team name “The Gentlemen Club” and will be lead by  twitch super star Sebastian “Forsen” Fors. Ostkaka and SuperJJ both currently play on professional teams, Ostkaka is on the Natus Vincere roster and SuperJJ is on Complexity gaming. These two players that will be representing “The Gentlemen Club” will still remain on their individual rosters, but likely represents that Natus Vincere and Complexity Gaming players were not invited to the tournament.