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    The comparison that keeps on giving, are you a league player or a dota2 player?

    Here’s a few thought provoking comments


    ” Dota2 has less characters than LoL but the roster gives you more options. You can argue that every hero in DotA 2 is specialised in certain ways and on the flipside lacking in others, not to mention a very unique play style. When you look at LoL has its greats too, but LoL champions can feel a bit generic compared to the more distinguished personality of DotA 2 heroes ( skills and gameplay).


    The LoL map contains neutral camps with various bonuses. The timing respawn of the camps adds great dynamic to the game which in turn forces showdowns. When you look at DotA you basically only have Roshan, which isn’t as crucial to kill as he spawns.

    Which game do you prefer and why? Please register and share your thoughts!

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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