Four more teams qualified for WESG finals.



WESG qualifiers in Denmark, Benelux, Russia and Poland have been finalized, as seven teams joined the Europe & CIS Regional Finals list.


The Polish qualifier was between Virtus Pro and Kinguin. Both teams had an easy run towards the finals. Virtus Pro in the end were able to win over Kinguin in a very close match on Cobblestone.


In the Danish side; Dignitas played with Aizy instead of Rubino. This was mainly due to the tournament restrictions of teams having players from a single nationality. Dignitas were able to win over Astralis and qualify for WESG.



Russia’s qualifier also came to a close earlier today, with .Russia consisting of well-known players defeating USSR in the semi-final, while EYESPORTS bested NPME in the other.


VatosLocos Bpro GODSENT Epsilon
MAXISAUCISSE EnVyUs .Norway dd Kinguin TEAM1231 EYESports
.Russia dignitas Astralis
Remaining spots’ distribution
Germany Ukraine UK, Ireland, Iceland Central Europe
North East Europe