Fox departs of FC Schalke 04 – League of Legends

Hampus “Fox” Myhrewill is now a free agent after departing team FC Schalke 04

Hampus “Fox” Myhrewill was the former mid laner and shot caller for team FC Schalke 04. Fox has remained a great player in the EU region, usually being the primary carry of his team, having very high KDA ratios on the champions he played in the past year’s EU LCS. The news broke as the team released their EU Challenger roster last week, where they announced that Jørgen “Hatrixx” Elgåen be the team’s new midlaner.

However, while Fox had good performance, the team has recently been performing extremely poorly. Recently in the past year, FC Schalke 04 placed 8th in the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split, and failed to qualify in the 2017 EU LCS Spring promotion ending in a shocking 1-3 performance against ‘Misfits’.

This news isn’t too bad for Fox, as I’m sure he will be quickly picked up by another team that is in need for new talent.