fpsGOD super league announced with $10000

Another regional tournament has been announced – “fpsGOD Super League #Winter” will feature teams such as nxl, MVP.karnal and TheMongolz competing for a $10,000 prize pool.


The league will start on the 25th of October with the group stage that will be played in a best-of-one round-robin format. Three matches will be played every day until each team has played all of the 11 opposing teams once.

he following teams will feature in fpsGOD Super League #Winter:

Risky MiTH Ulti Mineski
TheMongolz 5cent dream[S]cape nxl
Threats YETTI 5 MVP.karnal Signature

The prize pool will be distributed in the following way:

1. $6,000
2. $2,500
3. $1,500