Fragadelphia 10 with $30000

Fragadelphia 10 has been announced with a prize pool of $30,000.

Fragadelphia’s CS:GO tournaments, taking place in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have been a long running staple of the grassroots scene on the East Coast of the United States, with versions 8 and 9 having recently both been won by Bee’s Money Crew.

Details about Fragadelphia 10:

Dates : January 608

Prize pool : $30,000


The organisers are also hosting an online portion leading up to the event (which will be run by CEVO) that will dole out $4,750 in travel support and which will run from October 23rd to November 23rd. Registration ends on October 23rd and if you happen to be on a North American team, you can sign up via CEVO’s event page here.

Another preamble to the Fragadelphia 10 event will be Fragadelphia 9.5, a one day local event at the LocalHost arena on November 19th that is meant for sixteen teams and will dole out $1,250 in prize money.

As for the main event in January, the prize-pool distribution will be:

1. – $18,000
2. – $7,500
3. – $3,000
4. – $1,500