Free level up rewards not so free – LoL ‘Legend’ Emotes

Turns out, the ‘Legend’ emotes will cost Blue Essence to unlock

While Riot initially intended to reward players who constantly playing the game by giving free special milestone level up gifts, it isn’t so free after all. A redditor has created a post along with some images showing proof of the level 40 capsules along with the stuff inside them.

Yep, we designed these to be BE sinks. We’ve been really focused on the problem of people having too much IP/BE with nothing to spend it on

-Riot staff

In regards to the level 40 emote, players will be given a ‘Legend 1’ Emote shard which will cost 2500 Blue essence to unlock. Riot has justified the cost mentioning many existing players have a large pool of excess Blue essence and wished for them to spend it somewhere.